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Konka Radyofrekans

Concha Radiofrequency

How is Concha Radiofrequency Performed?

Concha radiofrequency is the most frequently preferred procedure in recent years and is performed under local anesthesia without stunning. The process takes about 15 minutes in total. After the procedure, you can go home following a 30-minute rest period.

Is Concha Radiofrequency Performed With General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is not required for this procedure. However, if patients have septum deviation (nasal cartilage curvature) besides lower turbinate enlargement, the procedure is performed in the same session and under general anesthesia.

Is Tampon Used After Concha Radiofrequency?

Tampons are not used, you can go home immediately after the procedure in the outpatient clinic.     

Does Concha Have Swelling and Bruising After Radiofrequency?

After this procedure, there is no swelling, bruising and shape change in the nose.

When Does Breathing Improve After Concha Radiofrequency?

After this procedure, no tampons are used and the nose is opened immediately.

How Long After Concha Radiofrequency Can You Return To Daily Life and Work?

Normal life is resumed immediately after this procedure. You can get back to your work.

Are Nasal Sprays Used After Concha Radiofrequency?

In particular, I give my patients sterile sprays to provide intranasal cleaning, and this provides both quick recovery and intranasal cleaning