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Frequently Asked Questions

I advise my patients not to take anticoagulants, aspirin and similar drugs at least 10 days before rhinoplasty. I prescribe a pre-operative anti-bruise face cream and recommend starting this cream 1 week before the operation.

Situations that cause sinusitis are usually polyps in the nose, enlargement of the nasal concha (concha growth), allergic reactions, deformities in the sinuses, nasal curvature problem and deterioration of the mucosal balance in the sinus. In addition to these conditions, frequent upper respiratory tract infections can also cause sinusitis.

The problem of enlarged adenoids, which makes breathing difficult, can be applied painlessly and without bleeding with the vaporization method today. If the points to be considered are followed in a qualified manner after the application of adenoid surgery with the vaporization method, bleeding does not occur. 

The problem of allergic rhinitis, which affects the quality of life significantly, becomes acute at certain times. In addition to this, treatment planning in patients who have both nasal canker and allergic rhinitis problems is possible by eliminating the complaints caused by the allergic rhinitis problem. Afterwards, nasal flesh treatment is applied. 

The main symptoms of sinusitis are nasal congestion, nasal and post-nasal discharge, infectious diseases that persist for a long time, a feeling of pressure on the face, headache, watering in the eyes, toothaches and concentration disorders that develop as a result of not experiencing a quality sleep process.

Ear tube surgery, which is generally used in the chronicity of the problem of fluid accumulation in the middle ear, can be performed very reliably today. Ear tube surgery takes 10 minutes under general anesthesia. Some precautions should be taken to protect the inserted ear tube well.

Rhinolight is the means of illuminating the inside of the nose with a special wavelength, high-intensity light.

It is not possible to treat the sinusitis problem at home. However, with various precautions that can be taken, the complaints caused by the sinusitis problem can be prevented. These measures can be listed as follows;