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Peng Method in Snoring Treatment

Snoring has been successfully treated thanks to developments in surgical techniques, especially in recent years. If snoring is due to sagging of the soft palate and uvula, one of the most effective methods is the Peng method. In this surgical technique, by pulling up the soft palate and increasing the anterior posterior diameter, a significant air passage is provided in the area between the mouth and pharynx and snoring is treated. While using this method, I do not touch the soft palate muscles and do not perform any surgical intervention on the small tongue.

How is Peng Applied? 

The uvula regresses to its normal size by pulling up the soft palate, and the patient returns to his daily life with minimal surgical intervention. Since there is no surgical intervention in the small tongue, there is no edema and a feeling of stuck in the throat. My patients are hosted in the hospital for 1 day after the operation, they are fed mainly with liquid and puree for 3 days, and after the 3rd day, they start to eat light solid foods and after the 7th day, the recovery is completed. My patients can go back to work on the 4th day after this operation.