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What is Prominent Ear?

In addition to being one of the most important sense organs of our body, our ears also have an important place in terms of aesthetics of the body. If there is an inconvenient deformity in the ears, this will cause unhappiness in a person from an aesthetic point of view. The most prominent deformity seen in the ears is the aesthetic problem which is known as "prominent ears" among people. The prominent ear issue can become a significant problem in any period, regardless of childhood and adulthood, and cause anxiety.


Prominent ears is a problem caused by the insufficient development of the Y-shaped cartilage curve in the prominent protruding part of the ear. Since the cartilage tissue cannot develop sufficiently, the angle between the skull and the skull widens and the ear protrusion begins to bend forward. As a result, the ears appear forward at a wider angle. In normal conditions, an ear has a length of 6.5 cm and a width of 3.5 cm.

The angle between the ear and the head is normally an angle of 30 degrees. The fact that larger angles appear when compared to these given values indicates that there is a prominent ear problem. Although this situation is not proven with measurements, it is of a type that can easily be observed when viewed from outside. These measurements, which are considered normal, vary with the advancement of age in people. As the earlobes are pulled down by the effect of gravity, there is a change in the size of the ear as age progresses. Genetic predisposition is effective in the formation of prominent ears. In addition, it can occur due to congenital reasons or various reasons that occur later.

What Factors Cause Prominent Ears?

• The most important factor in the formation of prominent ears is the ear cartilage structure. The effect that is clearly revealed in the examinations is the inadequacy of the ear protrusion fold called the antihelix. It is observed that the deformity in this region causes the flattening of the head structure, the disproportionateness of the upper ear protrusion, and the expansion of the intermediate tissue connecting the ear and head region behind the ear.

• In some cases, although the antihelical fold is very well developed, the prominent ear problem may still occur because the open part of the ear called the concha is too enlarged. The level of cartilage pliability present in the ears may vary depending on the level of estrogen a person receives from their mother. In this case, it reveals the genetic predisposition in the causative factors.

One or both of the above-mentioned reasons may exist and cause prominent ears. In cases where there are two reasons, it is possible to solve the problem with an effective intervention. The important thing at this stage will be the correct determination of the main factor causing prominent ear formation.

What is the Effect of Prominent Ears on a Person?

Prominent ears is a problem that negatively affects the psychology of people, whether they are adults or children. Especially the fact that children are the subject of ridicule among their friends during the school period means that they have a burden to carry throughout their life. This psychological pressure, which starts from childhood, continues in the same way throughout adolescence and adulthood. When a person enters the society, if they cannot act comfortably with the feeling that everyone's eyes are on their ears, they will withdraw into themselves. Prominent ear problem causes more discomfort in men than women. The reason for this is that women are able to hide their ears with the help of their hair. Since this possibility is weak in men, the prominent ear problem will be felt more clearly. It is important to treat such problems that negatively affect people and to ensure that their social life is not affected.

Can Prominent Ears be Treated?

Prominent ears is an aesthetic problem that can be treated. Unfortunately, there are very few methods that can be effective in this and similar deformities other than surgical intervention. When we look at the solutions other than surgery, which are expressed as non-surgical, it is seen that the interventions made in the first few days of newborn babies are effective. These interventions include taking measures to ensure that the ear physically does not bend outwards too much. If auricular mold application is started in the first few days following birth in babies and this application is continued for six months, it is seen that very successful results are obtained. If the treatment is delayed during this extremely important period, surgical intervention will definitely be necessary to correct the result. At the same time, prominent ear problem can be treated with incisionless ear surgery today. 

What Is The Purpose Of Prominent Ear Treatment?

• The first goal to be achieved during the treatment of prominent ear problem will be to remove the protruding and sagging part of the upper part of the ear.

• Another goal will be to ensure that the helix section is straight and has smooth boundaries.

• It should be ensured that the helix parts of both ears are visible next to the antihelix part when the person is looked at from the front.

• It is to ensure that the sulcus behind the ear is less without damaging its structure during the treatment.

• Especially in male patients, it is tried to ensure that the ears are not too close to the skull.

• The positions and contours of both ears should appear close to each other, but not completely symmetrical.

• When the treatment is completed, it should be ensured that the facial expression of the people has an aesthetic appearance.