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Sinusitis is an ear, nose and throat disease that significantly reduces the quality of life of the person and is seen at all ages. In addition to problems such as nasal congestion and headache, sinusitis, which causes loss of sense of smell, deterioration in vision and taste, is a disease that must be treated. 


What is Sinus?

In short, sinuses are air spaces which consist of bones behind the nose and in the face area. These cavities are covered with a mucosal cover, as in the inner lining of the nose. Bacteria and viruses in air particles adhere to the mucosal structure in question and are transported to the stomach with the secreted mucosa and dissolved with stomach acid. Sinuses are located behind the nose, around the eyes and forehead in every person. In some cases, shape and structure distortions are observed in the sinuses. This leads to sinusitis problems.

Sinusitis Treatment 

Sinusitis problem causes complaints in different ways and severity in each patient. The most prominent of these complaints are problems such as nasal congestion, headache, post-nasal drip, runny nose, feeling of fullness on the face, and loss of smell. If sinusitis is not treated, it causes respiratory and sleep problems, eye infections and heart problems due to insufficient oxygen intake. Before the sinusitis treatment, of course, the patient goes through a detailed diagnosis process. In this process, high-tech radiological systems such as physical examination, examination with endoscopic devices and tomography-MR are used. In the treatment planning for sinusitis, first of all, it is evaluated whether the sinusitis problem is acute or chronic.

Is Sinusitis Permanent?

If the problems caused by sinusitis last longer than 3 months, it is defined as chronic. In this case, a much more comprehensive treatment process is performed.

Methods applied in sinusitis treatment are changes in lifestyle (avoiding environments where there is smoking, airing closed spaces, removing plants and pets, which could cause allergic reactions, from living space, or taking suitable precautions for them), drug treatment (helps to get rid of the inflammation caused by the infection from the body), Balloon Sinuplasty (a non-surgical procedure applied to widen the sinus openings), endoscopic sinus surgery (sinus treatment with surgical methods).

Does Wet Hair Cause Sinusitis?

Especially in cold weather, not drying the hair makes it easier to be exposed to upper respiratory infections. Therefore, the problem of sinusitis may arise. At the same time, the moisture and heat balance in the sinus is disturbed by wet hair, causing complaints caused by sinusitis. 

Is Sinusitis Genetic?

The anatomy of the sinuses, of course, is formed as a result of genetic transfer. However, very few people are faced with the problem of sinusitis, which is caused by genetic transmission.