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Radiofrequency Method in Snoring Treatment

In the treatment of snoring, especially the radiofrequency method draws attention as it can be applied in patients who have difficulty in receiving general anesthesia and in outpatient clinic conditions. Although the success rate is low compared to other surgical operations, it is one of the operations with really high efficiency, especially if it is combined with the Peng method in tongue root enlargement and the removal of the tonsils and the lateral  pharyngoplasty method. It can also be opted for on the soft palate. Especially in outpatient conditions, its effectiveness is not as much as other methods, but it is at a very high level in terms of tongue root.

How is Radiofrequency Performed? 

In patients who only underwent tongue root radiofrequency, the recovery process can return to normal work one day after the operation. Because it is a method that can be applied very easily because it does not require stitches or any tampon application or hospitalization.