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Tonsil Reduction

Tonsil problems and tonsil surgery are among the most common ENT diseases that are encountered frequently and make families unhappy. In fact, the situation is not as complicated as one might think. First, a non-surgical treatment or precaution is attempted. If the precautions and treatments are not sufficient and the tonsil problems continue, then tonsil surgery is administered. This is a medical necessity.


Why Are Tonsils Inflamed?

Tonsil inflammation is defined as tonsillitis in the medical literature. This problem, which is usually encountered in children, significantly reduces the quality of daily life, adversely affects the general health status and may lead to developmental delay. Therefore, its treatment must not be delayed.

Tonsils are generally swollen due to microbes transmitted from person to person and through close contact. In such a case, tonsils become red and white rashes appear on them.  While no complications occur when a healthy person eats something cold, tonsillitis can be seen in those with chronic tonsil problems.

Tonsil Inflammation (Tonsillitis) Treatment Methods 

Children with tonsillitis problems undergo a detailed diagnosis process. In particular, research is needed regarding the possibility of beta virus. At this point, unnecessary use of antibiotics should be avoided. Tonsillitis, like all other upper respiratory tract infections, is contagious. For this reason, this problem is seen much more frequently in children who go to school. 

First of all, preventive measures should be taken in the treatment of tonsillitis. Crowded environments should be avoided and the strength of the immune system must be preserved. In addition, it is recommended to consume plenty of liquid foods that are not too hot or cold. 

Use of Antibiotics in Tonsil Inflammation

We mentioned that unnecessary antibiotic use should be avoided in the case of tonsillitis. No antibiotic should not be used unless your doctor recommends it.

So when should antibiotics be used?

  • If exposed to beta infection
  • If you experience rheumatic fever
  • In children with diabetes
  • Antibiotics should be used if sinusitis and otitis media are also experienced in addition to tonsillitis. 

When is Hospitalization Required for Tonsil Inflammation? 

Tonsillitis is a very common type of pediatric ENT disease. However, in some patients, this problem may be experienced in a much more severe and acute progression. In these cases, it may be necessary to keep the patient under constant observation. The conditions that require hospitalization in the problem of tonsillitis can be listed as follows;

  • If you have difficulty swallowing
  • If food intake is prevented
  • If urination is decreased
  • If you experience nausea and vomiting
  • If ear inflammation and sinusitis have developed
  • If there is mental confusion, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital.  

When is Surgery Performed?

In cases where tonsillitis is not treated with a qualified process, the general health status of the child is significantly adversely affected and developmental delay can be experienced. In these cases, tonsil reduction is administered. 

  • If tonsillitis has occurred five times in a year
  • If there are problems such as snoring and sleep apnea due to tonsil enlargement