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Tamponsuz Burun Ameliyatı

Unpadded Nose Surgery

The number of nasal surgeries have increased in recent years, especially with the advances in aesthetic surgery and the development of camera examination technology. The most common operations are nasal cartilage curvature and sinusitis operations. The point that patients fear most after these operations is to put a tampon in and remove it. In order to fix the cartilage and prevent bleeding, especially after the correction of the curvatures in the nose, it is necessary to have a suppressive product in the nose. In the past, this was achieved by plugging both nostrils with cloth tampons, but in recent years, some alternative products have been developed with the developing technology. Such as nasal splint, septal stapler, merocele.

Nasal Splint

Nasal splint, which is the most frequently used material, is a soft product made of silicone and is produced in various sizes according to the inner nose shape. Since a silicone nasal splint is perforated, there is no congestion in the patient's nose after the operation and it is possible to breathe easily through these holes. It is a soft material, therefore it is very comfortable to take and the patient does not feel pain while taking the splint. I often prefer this material in most of my surgeries.


Septal Stapler

In this product, which has been developed especially in recent years, no splint, tampon or any other product is inserted into the nose. Stapler is disposable and consists of 8 dissolving staples and fixes the mucous membranes covering the septum cartilage inside by stapling together. Then these staples melt. After the operation, since there is nothing in the nose, normal breathing is continued. However, this product is not suitable for every patient. It can only be used in patients with limited curvature, evaluated during the examination and deemed appropriate.​​​​​​​