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Concha Surgery

The lower concha (nose flesh) is an organ that is located on the side of both nasal cavities and should be in every human being. Its function is to regulate the air flow in the nose, moisten the nose, raise the air entering the nose to a certain temperature and regulate the nasal cycle. The enlargement of these organs and obstruction of the nasal passage for various reasons is called turbinate hypertrophy.

What is concha hypertrophy?

Concha hypertrophy most commonly grows due to allergic rhinitis. When this growth becomes irreversible, it manifests itself with symptoms such as nasal congestion, snoring at night and difficulty breathing through the nose. In this type of irreversible growth, it is necessary to surgically reduce the turbinate by intervening. Especially in recent years, the two methods that cause the least damage to the turbinate, can be performed under local anesthesia and give the most effective results are the reduction method with radiofrequency and endoscopic microshaver