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Tonsil Vaporization

The development of the medical field with technological advances has led to the introduction of new methods in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. One of these methods is the evaporation method. This practice, which is defined as bloodless surgery among the people, is generally used in adenoid and tonsil surgeries in the ear, nose and throat area. Tonsils, which is a problem especially for children, can be treated comfortably with the tonsil vaporization method. 

Why Do Tonsils (Tonsillitis) Swell?

Tonsils are the lymph tissues located on both sides of the throat entrance. These tissues are responsible for preventing airborne viruses and bacteria from being taken orally. Tonsils that swell when faced with any danger are of great importance for the general health of children. 

In some children, tonsils are not able to fulfill their duties, and at the same time, produce inflammation. This situation poses serious dangers to the general health and development processes of children. The causes of swelling of the tonsils can be listed briefly as follows;

  •  Exposure to frequent upper respiratory tract infections
  •  Immunity to used antibiotics

How to Tell If Tonsils are Swollen?

When the tonsils become swollen and inflamed, they cause some complaints in children. The process of applying to a physician should not be postponed in order to eliminate these complaints that affect the quality of daily life.

Symptoms of tonsil swelling are as follows;

  •  Sore throat
  •  Bad breath
  •  Swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck
  •  Seeing swelling of the tonsils from the mouth
  •  The tonsils are red in color and the inflammations appear in white

Which Treatment Methods are Used?

At the beginning of the treatment methods to be applied in the inflammation of the tonsils, drug treatment (usually antibiotic treatment) comes. However, when this situation lasts for a long time or when it is necessary to apply antibiotics frequently, it can pose a danger in terms of general health. Long-term use of antibiotics has serious consequences. 

In case of frequent tonsillitis, removal of the tonsils is considered if the drugs used no longer provide benefits. Today, this process can be applied in a very short time, bloodless and painless with the evaporation method

How Is It Treated?

The evaporation method is also known as the plasma method in the medical world. In this method, the application area can be viewed in detail and is carried out with the help of ionized water vapor and a specially developed device. 

Before the vaporization method, the tonsils were cut from the mouth and the risk of bleeding and infection was very high after the application. However, with this method, there is no risk of bleeding and infection, and pain and pain sensations are not felt. 

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Evaporation method is especially utilized for children because it offers a comfortable treatment process. However, in adults, it can also be applied in adenoid reduction procedures, with the aim of eliminating the tissues caused by bad breath.