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Ear Piercing

Beauty was appreciated with different outlooks in various historical eras. The concept of beauty and ornament has created a very important psychological and existential influence on both men and women throughout the history of civilization. People who associate the concept of adornment and beauty with each other have opened up space for many accessories in their bodies. Earrings have been among the main accessories for a long time. Earring accessories can be used as a result of ear piercing


What is Ear Lifting? 

Ear piercing is defined as the piercing of the earlobe for the purpose of wearing earrings. The tissue, which is popularly defined as the earlobe, is very soft and can be pierced easily. Ear piercing has been applied with different techniques throughout history. Until recent years, ear piercing with needle used to bring many problems, especially in rural areas, and therefore it is much healthier and safer with doctors who know ear anatomy to perform ear piercing in the clinical setting. 

Ear Piercing in a Clinic and Hospital Environment

Ear piercing is much healthier in clinical and hospital settings. So much so that the ear piercing process, which is applied especially in the home environment or in stores selling various accessories, contains some risk factors. These risks can be listed as follows;

  •  Infection
  •  Bleeding
  •  Allergic reactions
  •  Nerve intervention 
  • Sagging and deformities in the earlobe

Auricle Piercing

Fashion looks for the novel in many fields. The usage areas of the accessories also show differences in this process. In recent years, the use of accessories in the auricle as well as the earlobe has increased, and in this case, the need for piercing of the auricle has been required. Piercing the auricle has much more serious risk factors than the earlobe. For this reason, ear piercing must be performed in a clinical setting. 

Is Ear Piercing Safe?

Ear piercing has been performed with the help of reliable needles and devices in recent years. There are some important points to consider in this process;

  • The sterilization process of the device used should be done in a qualified manner.
  • Brand new and sterile earrings should be used.
  • Before the application, the ear or ears are examined in detail. 
  • Since the procedure is performed in cartilage tissue, it should be applied by experienced doctors.

Ear piercing is applied for the purpose of beauty along with aesthetic concerns. However, it is worth remembering that the issue of being healthy is much more important than the concept of beauty.