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Endoskopik Sinüzit Ameliyatı

Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery

Endoscopic sinusitis surgery In the treatment of sinusitis, different methods can be applied according to the severity and the symptoms that occur today. These methods are effective in removing the sinusitis problem from the middle, correcting the sinus anatomy and repairing the mucosal structure. Endoscopic sinusitis surgery is one of these treatment methods. 


What Causes Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a serious problem that significantly affects the patient's daily life comfort. Sinusitis, which can be encountered in people of all ages, is the biggest cause of chronic headache, especially. However, the problem of sinusitis, which is very common in the society, arises as a result of different reasons and causes different complaints from patient to patient. 

The factors that cause sinusitis problem can be listed as follows;

  •  Polyp formation in the nose 
  •  Upper respiratory problems
  •  Nose curvature and septum deviation problem
  •  Various allergic reactions
  •  Disorders of the sinuses
  •  Anatomically narrow sinus openings
  •  Disruption of the mucosal structure in the sinus

How Is Sinusitis Diagnosed?

Patients with sinusitis problems usually apply to a physician with upper respiratory tract infection and headache. When a sinusitis problem is suspected, some diagnostic methods are applied. In this process, of course, the patient's history should be evaluated and a detailed physical examination should be performed. In this process, visualization of the nasal and sinus openings is provided with the help of an endoscopic device. In addition, there are important radiological evaluations in the diagnosis of sinusitis. These are tomography and MRI examinations. 

With the said radiological imaging, the image of all sinuses of the patient can be evaluated. Thus, treatment planning will be done in a highly qualified manner. Sinusitis problem is classified as acute and chronic.

How is Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery Performed?

Sinusitis surgeries, which were performed with the open surgery technique in previous years, are now performed using endoscopic methods.  Endoscopic sinusitis surgery, which is applied through the nose, is performed by seeing the application area thanks to the camera. Endoscopic sinusitis surgery, which is a very comfortable and reliable method compared to the classical surgical technique;

- It takes about an hour and a half. 

- It does not require hospital stay except in special cases.

- The edema and bruises that will occur around the eyes are temporary. 

What are the Advantages?

Endoscopic sinusitis surgery, which has been mostly preferred for the last 15 years, is defined as a difficult operation for surgeons but easy for patients. This is very comfortable for the patient during the operation process and the recovery period after it.