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Burun Eti Büyümesinin Nedenleri Nelerdir?

What are the Causes of Nasal Flesh Growth?

The most well-known function of the nose is to provide smelling sensation. However, the nose, in addition to smelling, acts as both an air conditioner and a filter in the body, especially against external factors.


The air taken into the body through respiration is filtered through the nose, and it is purified from the elements such as bacteria, microbes etc. before it is mixed into the inner workings of the body. At the same time, the air taken from the outside world through the nose is humidified and heated in accordance with the functioning and balance of the body, and sent to the lungs after being transformed into ideal air. All these processes are carried out rapidly by the nose within seconds, continuously and by evaluating the temperature, pollution and humidity of the environment.

The nose can perform these filter and air conditioning functions, which it performs continuously and rapidly, only when breathing is normal. The deterioration of the normal functioning of the nasal functions is mainly caused by nose flesh, which is present in everyone but can grow later and cause health problems.

What is Nose Flesh? 

The tissues in the nose, called the concha, that clean the inhaled air and direct it to the lungs by balancing it in terms of heat, and consisting of blood vessel networks, are called nose flesh. The nose flesh, whose main task is to act as a thermostat by cleaning and heating the air directed to the lungs, can swell or shrink according to the temperature of the environment. If the weather is hot, blood is pulled from the veins and the flesh becomes smaller and the inhaled hot air is cooled in accordance with the body temperature.

What Are Its Duties? 

Some of the tasks mentioned above, known as nasal functions, are functions of the nasal flesh. In this regard, the conchae, through the mucous secretion normally carried out in the nose, cleans the elements such as dust, microbes and bacteria in the inhaled air and sends this air to the lungs. Thus, as soon as the air comes into contact with the nose flesh, the lung air sacs open automatically, taking in fresh air without effort. The work of the lungs is regulated by the opening and closing of one of the nostrils alternately every 2-3 hours.

What are the Causes of the Enlargement of the Nose Flesh?

There are six pieces of nose flesh in total, three in each of the right and left nasal cavities. Among these six pieces, the hardest working piece is the organ located in the lowest part of the nose, which is called the lower concha. The lower nostrils, which first meet the inhaled air, grow and shrink depending on whether the air is hot, cold or polluted. In this respect, we can list the reasons for the enlargement of the nose flesh as follows;

  • The constant pollution and humidity in the air necessitate the adaptation of the inhaled air to the body system. As a result of the continuity of this situation, enlargement can occur in nose flesh.
  • As a result of the presence of allergic elements (fungus, mold, dust, pollen, etc.) in people with allergies, most swelling in the nose flesh occurs in the lower concha. As a result of the long-term effects of sensitizing factors, a person's nasal flesh may enlarge.
  • Smoking pollutes the air more and negatively affects the nose flesh functions intended to clean inhaled air. Nose flesh grows over time through its continuous and direct efforts to clean the polluted air.
  • Chronic or persistent sinusitis; causes long-term dysfunction in nasal functions and leads to nasal flesh enlargement. In the same way, as a result of the negative impact of the growths in the nose flesh on the respiratory functions, chronicity can also be seen in sinusitis, and the duration of sinusitis can be prolonged.
  • As a result of nasal inflammations, breathing is adversely affected and enlargement can occur in the nose flesh.
  • A curved nasal bone adversely affects the respiratory functions performed, and as a result of the negative effects they are constantly exposed to, nasal flesh can swell, and in the long term, enlarge as a result.

Enlargement of nose flesh most commonly occurs in smokers and individuals with allergic sensitivities.

In people with a fracture or curvature of the nasal bone, one of the nostrils will be constantly clogged, and nasal flesh enlargement may occur. In a normal nose structure and functioning, the nostrils open and close alternately and regularly, feeding the lung in terms of breathing. While the lung on the side of the open nostril works by drawing in more air and opening, the other nostril goes to rest. However, in case of fracture or curvature in the nasal bone, swelling occurs in continuously working nose flesh, since one of the nostrils will be constantly clogged. After a while, the swelling in the nose flesh morphs into enlargement, leading to congestion in both nostrils.

What are the Symptoms of Nose Flesh Enlargement?

With the enlargement of nose flesh, breathing becomes increasingly difficult, and this situation can bring along many problems such as sleep apnea, lack of concentration due to not getting enough deep sleep, as well as health problems occurring in the respiratory tract.

Nose flesh enlargement begins around 2 years of age. Nose flesh enlargement, which can be observed in the earlier period, can also be a source of various health problems in adulthood when left untreated. In this respect, we can list the symptoms of nose flesh enlargement, which occur as a result of the reasons mentioned above, as follows;

  • The most obvious symptom of enlargement of the nose flesh is the formation of nasal congestion.
  • Congestion in the nose leads to the mouth being used for breathing. For this reason, drying occurs in the upper respiratory tract and mouth. These symptoms are most common during sleep.
  • Due to the obstruction in the nose, the body, which cannot perform healthy and adequate breathing, is not able to rest and remains tired. It is very important to meticulously handle the conditions that cause enlargement of nose flesh and the symptoms of nasal concha enlargement, in order to prevent health problems caused by nose flesh.