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Sinüzit Ameliyatı

Sinusitis Surgery

Sinusitis surgery is a surgical method used especially in the treatment of chronic sinusitis problem. Sinusitis problem is defined as inflammation of the sinuses for various reasons. The aforementioned problem may cause nasal congestion, nasal and postnasal drip, headaches, eye infections and similar problems in the patient. These problems negatively affect the person's school and work life.

Chronic sinusitis problem is the condition where the complaints continue for more than 3 months. In this case, the patient experiences a detailed examination process. Radiological imaging such as tomography is applied and surgery planning is carried out.

What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

The main symptoms we encounter in case of sinusitis are;

  • Pain, pressure and congestion in the face and around the eyes
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear and congestion in the nose
  • Colored or cloudy nasal discharge, which should normally be transparent
  • Nasal discharge formation
  • Coughing and headache
  • Toothache
  • Fatigue and fever.

Types of Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis: Acute sinusitis are infections in which the symptoms of sinusitis disappear in less than 4 weeks.
Chronic Sinusitis: Chronic sinusitis appears as long-lasting and recurrent symptoms of sinusitis, in which swelling is observed in the tissues and infection is the basis.

How is Sinusitis Surgery Performed?

Sinusitis surgery is currently performed with endoscopic methods. The sinuses are accessed through the nostrils without making any incisions on the skin. Sinusitis surgery takes about 2 hours and is performed with general anesthesia. Sinusitis surgery prices are determined in different ways according to which method the surgery will be performed.

Sinusitis Surgery Risks

Sinusitis surgery is a surgical process with quite many risk factors. For this reason, it should be performed by experienced physicians in the field. Otherwise, possible complications such as loss of sense of smell, various odor disorders, eye problems, nasal congestion, deterioration of nasal mucosa tissue may occur. İstanbul is a metropolis where highly experienced physicians in the field of sinusitis surgery provide services, and this has created a type of health tourism in this area.
After Sinusitis Surgery

After sinusitis surgery, the patient's nose and head area should be protected from traumatic events. At the same time, high pillows should be preferred, but maximum protection from diseases such as flu, colds and colds is required.

After the sinusitis surgery, care should be taken to use the drugs recommended by the doctor completely and in accordance with the prescription. At the same time, physicians checks should not be interrupted.

After the sinusitis surgery, in addition to the clean air in the living and working areas, situations with any allergen effect are avoided. At the same time, it is of great importance not to smoke or be in smoking environments. Otherwise, there is a risk of recurrence of the sinusitis problem.