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In Which Situations Is The Evaporation Method Applied?

The evaporation method, which is being used more and more widely in the field of medicine, emerges as a technology in which an increase is observed in the field of use. By applying the evaporation method, the area of treatment is evaporated using a special technology, which also enables operations to be carried out on the elements that cause health problems.

The evaporation method, which is an effective alternative method made possible by advancing technology in surgical practice areas, can be administered in different uses, especially in the treatment of adenoids. Before discussing which conditions the evaporation method, which is based on the application of water vapor on the tissues intended for treatment, is applied in the treatment of certain conditions, it will be useful to mention what kind of a method this is.


What is the Evaporation Method?

The method, which is applied by ionizing the water vapor existing on the tissue and in the air and transforming it into an ion cloud, is defined as the evaporation method.

We can list the processes applied in the evaporation method as follows;

  • Evaporation therapy is a method performed through the mouth.
  • A special device called a coblator and a special tip are used. In order to apply evaporation therapy, the coblator device is required and this device should be used with utmost exactitude.
  • The special tips used in the vaporization application are completely patient-specific. Personalized tips are used specifically for the patient and are discarded after use.
  • A camera is used during the evaporation process, and the area to be treated can be observed in wide angle through this camera.
  • The vaporization method is a very painless and bloodless surgical procedure.
  • During the evaporation process, the sodium (Na) ion needed by the environment is provided by isotonic means, that is, through brine. The sodium ion in this brine provides both the sodium required for the area where the evaporation treatment will be applied and the area where the operation will be performed, keeping it clean.
  • The tissue to be treated can be removed through evaporation in this created ion ball. For example, in adenoid treatments, an ion ball is formed during the vaporization treatment and the tissue entering this ion ball can be removed by administering steam.
  • With the steam applied, the problematic tissues that cause health problems in the person can be evaporated and completely removed within a few minutes without bleeding.

In Which Situations Is It Applied?

Evaporation therapy is being used more and more recently in the removal and treatment of adenoids, and it is a very fast and effective treatment method.

The evaporation method, which enables the adenoids to be removed by evaporation using a special technology, is called "plasma". The plasma method creates an alternative to surgical applications in adenoid treatments and becomes the reason for preference as a bloodless and effective operation option.

The vaporization method is also an effective and fast method in the treatment of tonsil problems.

Evaporation Method in Adenoid Treatment

Effective and fast treatment can be provided by using advanced technology with the evaporation method, which in a sense means that adenoid surgeries are no longer surgical interventions.

By evaporation method in the treatment of adenoid;

  • The area where the operation will be performed can be viewed through the camera. This situation not only provides the physician with a wider field of view, but also enables clearer determination of the problems to be treated, and therefore a more effective and successful treatment.
  • In the treatment of adenoids, the risk of recurrence of the disease is high, since the adenoid is not completely removed in the method called "curettage", which was used before in surgeries. However, in the treatment of adenoids by evaporation, the adenoid can be completely removed and the risk of recurrence is very low.
  • An ion ball is formed on the adenoid tissue by ionizing the water vapor in the air. Thus, the tissue that enters this ion ball can be removed by evaporation.
  • In the evaporation method, while the tissue is vacuumed, leakages that may occur from the vessel are also stopped.

Evaporation Method in Tonsil Treatment

The tonsil is a tissue structure that has the function of filtering the air taken by the mouth, similar to the adenoid. However, the growth that occurs in this tissue structure over time can cause continuous respiratory tract disorders, making treatment mandatory. Unlike the surgeries performed for the removal of the tonsils, the evaporation method provides bloodless and less painful removal of the tissues.